We believe in a class action suit that will incorporate all those responsible for these heinous crimes.  That would include McGill University for welcoming the CIA experiments into it's hospitals, the Canadian Government for funding these experiments long before and after the CIA came into Canada, the CIA for creating this diabolical program that permeated many countries around the world, our Quebec Government for funding and the Allan Memorial Hospital for allowing Dr. Cameron's programs to flourish and move on to more sinister deeds which had nothing to do with the improvement of the lives of the patients nor any kind of "cure".


Accountability is a must as well as proper compensation for those whose families suffered at the hands of these perpetrators.  No one has been held accountable for these experiments. It must happen now.

A class action suit should not ask for money up front, but should be awarded a suitable compensation by a judge.  As well, anyone can enter this suit, and qualification will only be decided by whatever panel or judge deems acceptable.


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.  Class action suits are free and payment

   for legal services is an agreed-to

   percentage awarded by the courts after

   the suit is won.

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